Fundraising and Resource Networking

Raising funds and equipment to help new and developing programs offer services to youth athletes and for students. Providing support for other non-profit support groups such as the Positive Coaching Alliance 

What We Do...

We Deserve To Find Joy In All We Do

When we put kids on a path to real growth and happiness through sports, teach them to carry that into school and help them to seek jobs that match what motivates them, everything feel likes play...And the upward spiral of each generation teaching the next to live this way will take place.

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Why We Do It...

Youth Sports Counseling & Support

Workshops promoting better methods for teaching players better life lessons through sports, and helping coaches and parents to be part of that process.

Making Work Feel Like Play

Careers Can Fulfill

When we are open to the things we find satisfaction (not status) in doing, and we find the encouragement to pursue them, and we put ourselves in never have to "work" a day as we earn a living.

Sports Teach Life Lessons

...But not all lessons are helpful.  The idea of competition leading to a single victor and all others are failures is the opposite of what it should do.  We show how learning to succeed through failure, as an individual or a team, is what makes us stronger for a lifetime.

Early Career Counseling

Helping middle school/high school students and post-high school young adults identifying a vocation, not just a job, they can be happy and productive in.