A Personal Approach

In addition to group workshops we will offer online sessions including interactive webinars and recorded presentations.  With each session we offer phone and in person support to help you get the most from us.  We work as a team striving for a common goal.  


We put you on an inspired path to make the journey yours​

Connection to a Larger Support Community


We focus not only on youth students/players and those seeking a career, but those who influence them most: parents coaches and employers.  This allows us to serve more young athletes, students and workers.

We see ourselves as a catalyst, providing that spark to get you moving down that long hallway, connecting you with other organizations that are also a good fit for you. This networking is critical for your journey, and comes at no cost - seeing you move forward faster is payment enough.

updated website at www.complete3.net 

A Flexible Framework


Our workshops, webinars and presentations are created for your needs, refined over time as your needs change.  We all need help, all little push - but in different ways, to different degrees.  As one door closes and another opens, YOU have to walk down that hallway, however long. We help you gain the confidence, strength and enjoyment to make that walk.