updated website at www.complete3.net 

What We're Doing Now


  • Providing our first Series of workshops (7 total) to serve coaches and teachers.
  • Providing Training Workshops on behalf of the Positive Coaching Alliance
  • Providing Training Workshops on behalf of U.S. Lacrosse
  • Developing second Series of workshops aimed at helping youth recreation council programs.

Our Services.

What We've Done So Far


  • Baltimore City Water Industry Career Mentoring Program with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization
  • Baltimore City Middle School Ingenuity Capstone Project
  • Mentoring first generation college hopefuls through Strive For College
  • Committed To Help With Fundraising Support the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Positive Coaching Alliance 

What We're Planning Next


  • COACH ON FIRE RADIO NETWORK!   The show will be called "Making The Play!", airing on Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm EST, beginning in February 2017. 
  • Our first book is under development, and we hope to have it published some time in 2017